Validating flash updating print drivers

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DéjàClick will do an image comparison on that area of the page with the saved image to validate it when the script is replayed.

You do that in the 'Validation' section of a form element: Under most circumstances, you will want to choose a validation rule from the library.When you are working with WTForms you have to define your forms as classes first. When you pass the form to the templates, you can easily render them there.I recommend breaking up the application into multiple modules ( Getting the most out of WTForms with an Extension The Flask-WTF extension expands on this pattern and adds a few little helpers that make working with forms and Flask more fun. Look at the following example template to see how easy this is.I followed this pattern for my own form but when the controller action is initially called, the inputs aren't valid and the message(s) to this effect are displayed on the form.Ideally, I only want to display validation/error messages after the form has been posted (via the submit button) and not when it is initially rendered.

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