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or simply check out information like CCTV, Transportation information or new places around your neighborhood?

Now this type of activities are provided in one app! Qlue allows you to give clues on problems around your neighborhood to government officials, as well as getting clues of various information on your neighborhood.

Get ready for an adventure with Lother and his new friends (orcs), an intriguing new ...

By Andrey Rebrik ( Free )From Wikipedia: A puzzle is a game, problem, or toy that tests a person`s ingenuity.

Therefore we are open to work with any city interested in our FREE program.

Please keep in touch with our team by e-mailing [email protected] and let us help you improve your city :)12/23/2014 - We collaborate with Jakarta government to supply API to their Jakarta Smart City program.

By Everett Kaser Software ( .99 )Solitile is a game of solitaire, played with "tiles." The goal of the game is to remove pairs of matched tiles until all tiles have been removed.

By Matthew Murphy ( Free )An original swipe game from Razzle Puzzles How many tiles can you swipe off the board? ( Free )Twistyles is the new tile-based puzzle style game where you click to twist your tiles in groups of four to arrange them in a pattern with the black tiles in the northwest and southeast quadrants ...

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