Sociopath dating sites

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Usually the first half of the movie is more valuable in this respect then the second.

As those are movies, the actors opposite to female sociopath usually do not demonstrate caution, an that's the negative side of such an learning path.

For example a teenager, accustomed for respect of his classmates find himself in a summer camp with older boys, who look down upon him.

You can try to match a particular technique, or particular trait depicted in the scene.

And gender here is one of the traits that goes into this toxic combination. Some of then are acquired, but many originates from within, are innate to to speak.

Traits initiate and guide behaviour, but environment also play important role.

Similarly there is a constellation of traits that produce toxic personality, called sociopath., In this particular case a female sociopath.

So a female sociopath in not a mechanical combination of certain traits but a "yet another type of personality", a very toxic indeed. You can view traits as behavioral tendencies (Allport, 1966), more generalized and deeper connected with inner brain structures then habits.

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