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There were many reasons for prohibiting a marriage.

One reason was consanguinity, if the two were too closely related.

Family and friends played a major role in arranging marriages, especially if land and other wealth accompanied the union.

The parents and siblings in the families had a concern in the marriage, and the lord also wished to keep some accounting of village marrieages.

There were many reasons a marriage could not take place, and strict rules for whether or not a divorce was allowed.

Despite the differences in various aspects of marriage, the marriage ceremony has stayed rather similar over the years.

After the marriage was arranged a wedding notice was posted on the door of the church.

The notice was put up to ensure that there were no grounds for prohibiting the marriage.

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If the reason were a valid one the wedding would be prohibited (Rice).

The arrangement of marriage was done by the children's parents.

In the Middle Ages children were married at a young age.

In cases where the marriage was part of the family's economic and social strategy, careful planning by the whole unit was needed, for a good marriage could bring considerable economic benefits.

The prospective bride and groom also had an economic stake in a marriage contract, because it would determine not only who their life partner would be, but also how well they could expect to live.

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