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Sean and I had talked about what our first time would be like and just thinking about it got us both very, very hot.We had sent pictures of each other and our cocks and I was now about to see and feel the real thing.From Sean's stories and emails, he sounded like the guy that I would want to take my ass for the first time.

Sean ran his hands through my hair and I revelled in the taste and feel of his cock.It took several weeks of trying to coordinate schedules but eventually, we were able to set a date for when he was coming into my area for at least one night and possibly two.Sean lived about three hours away from me, but we were both very excited about what could happen if and when we were ever to meet.We started to pull our clothes off while we kissed and in between breaths we said our "hello's" and decided that we could talk later.Most of our clothes quickly flew off and I dropped to my knees to help him with his pants and get my hands on that beautiful cock that I had only seen pictures of.

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