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If the game works in the latest revision, leave this field blank.Status - This column is for the compatibility of the game with a uncompressed (1.35 GB) 1:1 disc image dump.Keep in mind that not all games will work with this patching. For partially working games, you can enter "Issues".If you have not enabled Memory Card Emulation, leave the field blank.

If "Progressive patch" is enabled press "A" while in the post loading black screen (50/60hz ingame selector is running) to use 60hz and the image (in 480P) will show up.

Note that audio streaming games need to be aligned 32k.

Therefore it is recommended to use DMToolbox with auto option to shrink your games.

Set to Issues if the game has mixed sound issues (working fine in some part of the game, but some instrument/cutscene/menus don't).

Set to Doesn't work for games with constant garbled noises, incorrect or no sound at all.

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