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Six buildings have been rehabbed into workspaces for Village projects with local residents getting on-the-job training in the construction trades.

A daycare center has been established, along with a new initiative, Shared Prosperity, to tackle economic conditions in North Philadelphia.

The neighborhood now gathers every summer for an annual theater festival, with plays written by young people drawing on their own experiences in North Philly.

Several have been performed as far away as Mexico and Iceland.

North Philadelphia, among all the struggling communities across the U. Yeh was shocked at the state of the neighborhood, and didn’t quite know where to start.

But she knew something had to be done so she began cleaning up the trash, which drew the attention of local kids who wanted to know, she remembers, what “this crazy Chinese lady” was up to.

Working with artists from the Southeast Seattle Arts Council they painted the communities’ dreams upon the plywood covering the windows: an ice cream parlor, a toy store, a dance studio, a bookshop, and a hat shop.

“The murals looked so realistic that passing motorists sometimes stopped to shop,” Diers writes.

Soon everyone was involved in cleaning up the area, painting murals, and creating an “art park”, which the became the pride of the community.

Cancel your cable bill and spend the savings at local diners and taverns, where you’ll get more important news, far more interesting stories and even more opinionated sports coverage.

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Proudly displaying the Slow Cities logo around town, they pledged to: — restrain racing traffic by limiting automobiles and promoting leisurely transportation alternatives such as bikes and pedestrian zones; — encourage businesses, schools and government to improve the quality of life by allowing people to take time off for a long midday meal; — promoting good food by sponsoring farmers’ markets and preserving local culinary traditions; — curtain noise pollution and visual blight by limiting car alarms, outdoor advertising and unsightly signs.

“We are not against the modern world,” explains mayor Paolo Sautrnini of the slow city of Greve in Tuscany.

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