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The ranking, which has slowly been revealed in a countdown from the 20 December, is now published in full and the world's top 100 footballers are listed below for you to view.The choice of Messi at No1, beating Cristiano Ronaldo into second place, is explained below by Sid Lowe: There was only one name and one position on which all 11 members of the panel were in unanimous agreement; the world No1, Lionel Messi. The debate has moved to another plane: it is not so much a question of whether Messi is the best player in the world right now, as whether Messi might just be the best player there has ever been.In this final episode of our first series you can listen to highlights from the first nine podcasts.Please note that there is no support pack for this episode, and no Tom the Teacher section, either. Sarah: So you were playing football, and Johnny got injured? Harry: And we decided to go to the pub for a drink... Fadi: But we’d actually finished playing football... Here comes Magda, at least she’ll give me some sympathy..Magda! Olivia: Really Magda, it’s better if you don’t know.

An 11-strong international panel of experts were asked by Guardian Sport to name their top 30 players in action today and rank them in order of preference.

Then listen to the episode and do the first task to check your understanding.

Finally, practise some vocabulary and grammar in Tasks 2, 3 and 4.

Johnny: Long story...don’t really want to talk about it... Magda: Erm, ok then...listen, Johnny, I was hoping you were going to give me some interview advice..you remember?

So, interviews, well, first thing – make sure you dress smartly.

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