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Slowly, the traditional construct of the 'partner' too, has started to change form.Increasingly, young singles are no longer incomplete halves moving through the world, forlorn and constantly searching, but rather confident young individuals who are quite aware of who they are and what makes them happy.The ask from a partner therefore, has also shifted from being the 'revered other' to being the 'partner in crime', someone who will aid and abet your individual quest for happiness and also introduce happy moments for two.targets the parents who are looking for a suitable match for their children.Ghosting is one byproduct of the digital age that you can’t escape. But watching Mom get ghosted by parents of guys who left the promise of a return phone call hanging in the air made my blood boil. On my way home, I received a text from him saying he had a wonderful time and would love to do this again.I’ve been ghosted on dating apps quite a lot, and frankly, it hasn’t affected me THAT much. The chatting continues, with regular good morning messages and flirty Snapchats.Mom and I are still awaiting a reply from the ‘promising’ Matrimony Man.You know how they say, there’s honour among thieves?

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You’ll be enjoying all the maturity and confidence that age brings you, but the onset of your quarter-life crisis might just turn you into a grumpy old cat on certain days.World War III threatened to break out when I wanted to mention my drinking and Mom didn’t.We finally agreed on “Drinks socially” over “Drinks like a fish”.Whereas, match users based on common interests, profession, lifestyle, interests etc.Matchmaking app fills the gap between casual dating apps and the old-fashioned matrimonial portals.

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