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Professor Ronald Ives of Northern Arizona University has written: Formation of the Grand Canyon took place in two major steps: the deposition of the beds that were later eroded into a gorge—a process lasting considerably more than one billion years—and erosion of the canyon proper, which required not more than 10 million years (1988, 163-165).It should be noted, however, that even evolutionists confess that uniformitarianism is not provable; rather, it is buttressed with assumptions. Clayton, a religionist who argues his own hybrid brand of theistic evolution (complete with uniformitarian undergirding), in an article on the Grand Canyon, admitted, All explanations of this kind are based upon the assumption that the only agents operational on the [Colorado] river were the ones we see operating today.As it turns out, though, the Grand Canyon is an embarrassment to evolutionary theorists, for huge chunks of the “textbook” time table are completely missing from the canyon record.The following chart illustrates the periods of geologic history which should be represented in the strata of the Grand Canyon—if it had been formed according to the principles of uniformitarianism—but which are conspicuously missing from the record.The little Grand Canyon is a one-fortieth scale model of the big Grand Canyon.Thus, conceivably, the Arizona Grand Canyon could have been catastrophically fashioned in only forty days!If one postulates that a similar (or greater) catastrophe was instrumental in forming (partially or completely) the Grand Canyon, and that a comparable rate of deposition was involved, at the rate of one hundred feet per year, the 5,700 feet of strata of the Grand Canyon could have been laid down in fifty-seven years.Second, there have been numerous subsequent mudflows in the aftermath of the St. For example, on March 19, 1982, a canyon, which has come to be known as the little Grand Canyon, was formed in one day—one hundred forty feet deep!

The dramatic characteristics of the Grand Canyon are frequently appealed to as proof that the earth has been in existence for millions of years.

One carving in particular, which resembles a Tyrannosaurus, measured 11.2 inches in height and 7 inches at its greatest width.

(For a picture of this carving, see my book, .) Dr.

The Colorado River is approximately 1,400 miles long.

It begins in Wyoming and ultimately spills into the Pacific Ocean at the Gulf of California (Mexico).

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