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At the southern tip of the 600 mile stretch of Texas beaches, the warmest waters of the entire Gulf of Mexico meet the tropical climate of the South Texas coast, making South Padre beaches a great destination year round.

And with planned activities and events such as surfing competitions where you can watch the states best surfers effortlessly ride the waves, sand castle days where the worlds top sand castle builders meet to battle it out with amazing artistic creations you can not only watch but join in on the fun with amateur sand castle competitions and free sand castle lessons.

The dolphin and sea turtles are plentiful and make daily appearances around the jetty in the ship channel.

Watching the shrimp boats cruise in and out of the safety of the calm bay waters as they venture offshore is magical.

Thessaloniki kai Thessalonikeis, kalh xronia kai to 2018 na einai h kalyterh sas ws twra. Francis29nov17--A Thank You to our host, Electra Hotels Resorts, for sponsoring this 'live cam' view 'Thessaloniki, panoramic view of Aristotelous Square from Electra Palace Hotel' __ They are building a Xmas village in this gorgeous square, I'll wait till it is completed for uploading captures.

Aristotelous Square is the largest square in Thessaloniki and one of the largest and most impressive in Greece.

It was only once and for just 6 days but it captured my imagination. In watching these cams, what Ive noticed but I could be wrong, Italy appears to be close-ish to traditional dates for that in public spaces. I have been to Rome once, nov 2015, it was fantastic! Just wanted to add my experience, which was lively, fast paced and sublimely slow, with long, good company, eating and walking around evenings. Rome, I found to be a bustling, vibrant place, with the most breathtaking art, of all kinds! Very "on the go" city, I found, loved my visit there, met some of the best people ever.There are beach access points every few blocks along Gulf Blvd, or you can go to one of the county park beaches where you'll find pavilions with picnic tables, playgrounds, restrooms, and showers.Travel Channel names South Padre Island as one of America's best beaches for family beach travel.The current form was designed after the great fire during 1917 by the French architect Ernest Hébrard but most of it was constructed during the 1950s.Around Aristotelous Square are some of the most important and beautiful buildings of the city like the Olympion, where is carried out the Thessaloniki Film Festival and the twin buildings of the Hotel Electra Palace while the 12 buildings surrounding the square are labeled as preservable.

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