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There were a lot of super popular beauty trends this past year, but one of the biggest (or arguably THE biggest) was trying to achieve Kylie Jenner’s lip look.

In 2014, we watched the youngest member of the Kardashian klan go from ordinary teen girl to super glam young woman.

Here are 18 hacks, tips and tricks on how to make your lips look bigger and fuller. If you want to over-draw your lips, figure out the best shape for you. Check out more tips to see what the end result will look like. You don’t have to over-draw to get the appearance of larger lips. You can also try dabbing a little lip gloss over your lipstick to make your lips look more plump. Use a pencil to draw lines on and around your lips to define them, then fill in with color. Simply using highlighter to accent your cupid’s bow can make your lips look more full. The way you put the color on your lips can change how full or thin they look. Put white highlighter in the center of your lips, then blend out with color to make them instantly look more full. A simple way to over-draw is to just slightly exaggerate your lip line, like so: Source 10. Don’t forget – your liner should be just a shade darker than your natural color, not the color of your lipstick. Would you ever try over-drawing your lips to make them look larger, like Kylie Jenner?

Overall, this is a good middle-of-the-range shoe that, though fairly heavy, feels airy, roomy, and solid.

Sizing: Runs big Drop from heel to forefoot: 0 mm Weight: 235 grams 0, inov-8These minimal (get it? The Minimus also features a foam collar that helps support your ankle and heel—it feels light and snug, although sometimes it feels a little tight across the top of my foot even if I didn’t really crank down the laces that much.

The toe box is nice and roomy, plus well-ventilated for my sweaty feet.

The lip injection rumors started months ago and they don’t look like they’re going anywhere. From the many pictures of Kylie we’ve all seen and dissected, it seems like she’s just really, really good at over-drawing her lips. Over-drawing your lips is a pretty simple makeup technique that can make your lips go from thin to “did-she-get-lip-injections” plump in minutes.

People cannot stop obsessing over whether Kylie’s lips are fake or just overdrawn, and it’s actually driving me a little bit crazy. So, basically, if you want to rock Kylie’s look, you totally can! Here is how to line to make your lips look a very specific way: Source 18.

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