Aids dating network

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“I was ashamed, and the stigma was overwhelming,” she says.But she adds that she has gained support and guidance from other women who get care at the same clinic.CDC officials concede that they have focused their limited outreach resources on the populations with the greatest need, which continues primarily to be men who have sex with men. In the meantime, stories like Davis’ are repeating themselves nationwide, in women like Daphne Robinson.

Living with a long-term illness like HIV can make you vulnerable to mental health problems such as feelings of acute emotional distress, depression and anxiety.California mother and grandmother Nell Davis, 64, doesn’t fit any of the past profiles of those at high risk.But she has become one of the new faces of the disease and was recently featured in the PBS documentary Endgame.Fortunately, there are many things you can do to look after your emotional health, and a lot of help available if you do experience problems.Treatment for depression, anxiety and other mental health problems can be very effective.

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