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On behalf of e One and ICF Films, I want to recognize the talented Missy Peregrym, Ben Bass, Greg Smith and the entire ensemble cast and crew who worked passionately and tirelessly to bring the characters and stories to life.

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Stephen remembers feeling immensely touched when guests were officially welcomed to the wedding. “Weddings have a tendency to become about other things or other people’s influences.

” The Signature Theatre affair welcomed 275 guests.

At the time, gay marriage wasn’t legal in Virginia, so they had a lawful ceremony in D. During the second ceremony in Shirlington, they recited personal vows (written by Stephen), with their pug, Buddha, serving as ring-bearer.

, Berlanti created less a teen soap and more a family story about an ace surgeon who moves his family to the idyllic but tiny mountain town of Everwood in the wake of his wife’s death, one that combined serial and case-of-the-week storytelling that was elevated by strong characterizations both on the page and in the performance of the cast.

Treat Williams was the headliner, and Chris Pratt (and to a lesser extent Emily Van Camp) were the ones who broke out after the fact, but young Canadian actor Gregory Smith was the one who had to shoulder the majority of the show’s dramatic storylines.

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