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So many individual warzones and objectives exist across so many worlds that there are ample opportunities and vital conflicts aplenty that are deserving of the Elysians’ rare talents, from counter-offensives against Dark Eldar raiders on Kalf, to intense guerrilla warfare on Horizon and the sabotage of the Ork-dominated shipyards above Sickle.However, the Elysian contingent has suffered heavy losses during the failed assault on Thrax, which saw nine regiments lost and the survivors stranded on a world contested by both the Orks and the forces of the Severan Dominate.These regiments are held as a strategic reserve by Lord Marshal Ghanzorik, who is careful to employ such a limited resource only when strictly necessary, unwilling to simply throw the valuable regiments into the meat-grinder.This has not limited the action that Elysian regiments have seen within the Spinward Front, however.Among this group of Imperial Guard units can be counted the Elysian Drop Troops, who serve as highly mobile, elite airborne infantry equipped with sophisticated aircraft and Grav-Chutes intended to be used for deep strikes behind enemy lines.The Elysian Drop Troops are among the best rapid-response, highly mobile heavy infantry regiments that can be deployed by the Imperial Guard.Drop Troop regiments cannot be supported by anything much heavier than those light vehicles, denying them the support of the mighty Leman Russ main battle tank or even the humble Chimera APC.

The Elysian System and the surrounding space were notorious havens for human and Eldar pirates, as Elysia lay on a major trade route through its sector and its star system was characterised by numerous asteroid fields and dense gas clouds that served as highly effective camouflage for pirate vessels waiting to raid passing Imperial commerce.

The Elysian Drop Troop Regiments raised by the Imperial Tithe for service in the Imperial Guard are elite, all-volunteer units whose troops are required to first serve at least one tour of combat duty in the Elysian PDF before they are allowed to join.

After they are recruited the new Drop Troops are sent to a number of military training bases established across Elysia and the rest of the Elysian System to begin their training, which includes extensive practice handling Grav-Chutes, making high-orbit insertions, sharpshooter training and extreme environment survival skills.

Each Elysian must spend a single tour of duty within the forces guarding Elysia itself before they will be considered for service within the Imperial Guard.

After this time, with each soldier becoming veterans of a dozen or more battles, potential recruits are drilled for months in the art of airborne assault by Grav-Chute and aircraft, working to perfect those skills before being deployed to a warzone on a distant world.

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